Doctoral Studies

The doctoral studies at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts emphasise artistic work of high quality and artistic research in an associated field.

Since 1997, it has been possible to complete a postgraduate degree, Doctor of Fine Arts (DFA), at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. The doctoral studies at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts are coordinated by the Doctoral Studies Programme.

Students in the Doctoral Studies Programme are experts in their own field, artists whose work is characterised by a research-oriented approach. Their approach to their own language of expression is labelled by awareness and they aspire to analyse and develop the operational methods and strategies connected to artistic work.

In the spring term of 2014, there are 37 doctoral students involved in the Doctoral Studies Programme offered at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

The objective of the doctoral studies is to provide the students with in-depth expertise for research in the fine arts and its significance in society. The goal is for the student to attain the abilities needed in order to complete top quality works of art that reflect artistic maturity and to be able not only to work independently in the field in question, but also to apply the methods of artistic research in the development of the field.


Doctors of Fine Arts graduated from the Doctoral Studies Programme

2013 Jay Koh Art Led Participatory Processes: Subject to Subject Communication within Performances in the Everyday       
2012 Petri Kaverma Tyhjä piha – häiriö ja hiljaisuus (nyky)taiteessa
2012 Sami van Ingen Moving Shadows – Experimental Film Practice in a Landscape of Change
2011 Irene Kopelman The Molyneux Problem Five backstage stories – and a map of why and how
2011 Marjatta Oja  Three-Dimensional Projection – Situation Sculpture between the Artist and the Viewer
2010 Denise Ziegler  Features of the Poetic: The Mimetic Method of the Visual Artist
2008 Jan-Erik Andersson Life on a Leaf (Tila ikonina: Taloni arkkitehtonisena taideteoksena)
2006 Tarja Pitkänen-Walter Liian haurasta kuvaksi – maalauksen aistisuudesta (Too Fragile to Turn it into Representation – on the Sensuous Materiality of Painting)
2005  Jan Kenneth Weckman Seitsemän maalauksen katsominen/Maalaus maailman osana (Looking at Seven Paintings: Painting as a Part of the World)
2005   Teemu  Mäki  Darkness Visible – Essays on Art, Philosophy and Politics
2002   Jan Kaila Valokuvallisuus ja esittäminen nykytaiteessa, teoksia vuosilta 1998-2000
(Photographicality and Presentation in Contemporary Art; Works 1998-2000)
2001   Jyrki Siukonen Uplifted Spirits, Earthbound Machines, Studies on Artists and Dream of Flight 1900-1935